Step One

“We admitted that we were powerless over our addiction, that our lives had become unmanageable.”

Well that is certainly true, that I am powerless as a squirrel to resist addiction to nuts.  However, this is harder to admit then I’d previously thought.  Every time I stopped using nuts I would feel so much better, but after about a week or two the cravings and nagging would always cause me to return.  Whether it was a week or a month, the problem was always inside me waiting to get out.  So now I’m trying to execute an active plan that will take me on the road to squirrel-y recovery and away from feeding the beast of nut addiction.

So all the times I told myself I could just use a little bit, and I would just keep it to one or two nuts every so often.  It wasn’t long before it was at least two nuts a day, and more if I could find them.  Every time.  So I need to pay attention to my history and stop trying to get different results from the same experiment.

I am powerless over my addiction (on my own), and I’ve seen my life become unmanageable many many times if I play this tape to the end.  So I’m trying to hit stop and eject the tape this time . . .


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