Mental Clarity

One thing that is really critical to me not to forget about as time passes, and cravings will come and go, that the mental clarity gained from being clean is one of the best things about not using nuts.  Without the mental fog, things seem different and I am able to think clearly again.  It’s easy to trick myself into thinking that nuts don’t affect my brain, the way I think, my energy levels, etc.

Let’s go back to how it affects the brain: concentration has improved dramatically, from not being able to process and remember a single sentence to being thoroughly engaged in the text I’m reading (yes squirrels can read).  It’s become quite clear that if I want to achieve my educational and professional goals then nuts cannot be a part of it.  They are far too debilitating to sustain any type of deep thought process.

I used to think nuts were my motivators, my energy . . . and to a degree that’s how it worked for a while.  They would pump me up and make me focus on what I was doing, but now I have come to realize that I can have that feeling without the nuts, and I gain the mental clarity at the same time, so now I am energetic AND focused.  Does it take a little more to get going and motivated to, say, clean up my nest in my tree?  Yes it does . . . but life doesn’t always have easy solutions that can be fixed by munching a nut.  You have to WORK for it.  So now it’s time for me to put in the work.

P. Squirrel out.


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