The more time passes, the more in touch I am with how I am feeling in an emotional sense.  There are variations and differences!  For the most part, I am happy!  Sometimes bored, sometimes stressed, but for the most part very happy and fulfilled.  All without nuts!  All they ever did for me was make me feel the same all the time, and had results that I didn’t want or like.  I would become agitated and easily irritated, and want to lash out at people for no good reason.  I guess that’s all part of the result of messing with brain chemistry . . . better just to leave it as natural as possible.

I’ve developed a phase program to get through the first 90 days.  Days 1-30 are phase I, days 31-60 are phase II, and days 61-90 are phase III.  I’ll use my past experiences in similar phase programs to keep myself motivated.  What happens after phase III?  Graduation! =)  But that doesn’t mean the program is over . . . it’s ongoing.  Addiction is a progressive and fatal disease, but we can arrest it at some point and we can recover.

One thought on “Feelings

  1. […] So what does the future hold for me?  Thirty more days, one day at a time sounds like an attainable goal.  As far as progress, I suppose we can consider Phase I over, and Phase II beginning tomorrow.  What will be the difference?  After the completion of Phase I, a detoxification and reeducation phase, Phase II could be considered to have a more pronounced focus on mindfulness, avoiding complacency, and the beginnings of therapy to explore the roots of issues and solutions to help deal with them.  I’m not sure what Phase III will be yet, but I think I’ll figure it out in the next thirty days.  (For the origins of the 3-Phase plan that I am making up on my own based on other programs I have experience, visit my earlier post.) […]

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