Lucky 13

Nothing particularly special about today on the surface.  It’s just a day in between day 12 and day 14.  And everything is so boring!  Every hour is like a torturous agony of tedium designed to make me just want to lose it.

Work sucks, and it doesn’t.  It has it’s advantages, and it’s disadvantages.

Basically life just feels boring right now.  I’m trying to look at things with some perspective and know that can’t last forever – but at the same time I’m seeking some alternative activities to fill my time.  I read something interesting which I’ll post / paraphrase here about addiction and boredom:

Drama With Drug Addiction Fills Time

Let’s face it – drama creates activity, and activity helps the time pass.  Actively using drug addicts and alcoholics aren’t fond of being patient or delayed gratification.  The very act of rolling a joint, mixing up the drugs, getting the alcohol ready and poured, physically drinking it all day long, and running around town getting drugs creates quite a schedule of activity all day long.  If you lived that life and all that activity was removed from your schedule, you’d be faced with a pretty large void to fill.

This makes a lot of sense to me – so I need to fill my time with other activities that are healthy and that I’m interested in.  Making the transition is difficult, however.

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