Keep coming back . . .

This idea is one that is just starting to make sense to me.  People and squirrels don’t exist in a vacuum, so we are affected by what happens around us.  Problems, trouble, trials, pain, etc.

It’s not enough to merely declare yourself free from addiction and have it be so, at least for the long term.  Sooner or later, without vigilance, the steadily progressive disease will manifest itself again and again.  How to avoid this: maintenance.

Just as people with physical dependencies must undergo “maintenance” as part of their recovery/treatment (think methadone), addicts must remain mindful of their disease and keep a focus on what is going on in their lives.

That’s why I like the phrase: “Keep coming back . . .” especially when coupled with the companion phrase: “It works . . .”  What does that mean, keep coming back?  To me, it means that no matter how many times I’ve relapsed or failed myself, as long as I’m still alive I still have a chance to make my life work for me.

For some, knowledge and realizations about their condition come quickly, and understanding is full and complete.  For others, it takes months or years of additive knowledge.  I must be one of those, and that’s why I’m going to keep coming back.

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