Squirrel update

Although I’ve posted plenty, I haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and write something myself.  So I’ll take the time to do that now.

It’s almost been thirty days, and although it hasn’t been easy, it’s actually been easier than I thought it would be.  Once I commit to something, and truly commit to it for my own reasons and not for anyone else, then I can make the decisions I need to make that will benefit me.

The answer to everything: that’s what nuts used to do for me.  Stressed?  Nuts.  Tired?  Nuts.  Happy?  Nuts.  All those nuts get you pretty worked up and worn out to where you don’t really enjoy anything anymore.  Of course in the moment it feels like the answer to everything: that’s part of what the dopamine releases do – you feel REALLY GOOD about whatever you are doing.  And that’s a very attractive feature!  But it doesn’t stay that way.  Ever.

As a slightly older, wiser squirrel than I used to be, I am trying to take the long view of things and work for more future goals, rather than trying to focus on instant gratification.  And along the way, it turns out I am much happier doing that.  I can think about things, be motivated about things, etc.

A big thanks to the rest of the squirrel community for their support!  It’s nice to know there are other squirrels out there who know how to use computers!


2 thoughts on “Squirrel update

  1. We squirrels can do anything if we put our little squirrelly brains to it!

    I am enjoying following your story over here. I’m always happy when I see you post a new picture of yourself looking bright eyed and bushy tailed. Keep up the good work, my sciurine friend!

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