Where does it all come from?

Being a squirrel has it’s advantages: climbing trees, scurrying along wires with ease (except this squirrel), etc.  There are some disadvantages too: for one, squirrels do not know how to use a camera!  I’m not sure if there just hasn’t been one that is designed for us, or if manufacturers think there isn’t a market for such a device (trust me there is!), but until that time comes I am stuck depending on the kindness of others to upload their squirrel photo masterpieces so I can proudly display them on my blog.

Squirrel with Camera

Where’s the cable shutter release when you need it?

My method:  Step one, open up Google Image search.  Step two, type in “grey squirrel”.  Step three, hit return.  Step four, pick a squirrel I like and upload it!  Sometimes if the picture is connected to a story or page I’ll link back to that page for posterity, and to give proper credit where it is due.

Exceptions: Certain art has been created by an artist who runs the “Evil Squirrel’s Nest”.  Such art is ALWAYS linked back to the Evil Squirrel’s Nest whenever it is featured.  ES rocks and you should check his blog out if you are a fan of squirrels!

A final note for those of you who enjoy my posts categorized as “Just for Today”.  For those who are unfamiliar, Just for Today is a set of daily readings for the recovering addict published by NA World Services, Inc.  As a recovering nut addict, I read these every day and if I find them especially helpful or insightful I will repost them here.  At the top is a quote from the Basic text, White Book, or an Information Pamphlet, and at the bottom you will always find a copyright notice linking back to NA.

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