Lo-fi squirrel and Hi-fi squirrel

I officially had a really great day today!  Things have been going really well lately all around, and I feel pretty happy in general.  Looking back on some of the feelings I’ve wrote about before; being bored, angry, upset, etc, it feels super-awesome to be so happy.

In my travels, I came across this squirrel!  He was traveling in the cover of dusk, possibly to hide his activities from other squirrels.  I observed from a safe distance.

Squirrel scurries across driveway

Squirrel scurry!

Tasty snack

Yum!!! Foodstuffs of unknown origin . . .

Pausing to look one way, and then the other, he munched happily on his prize, a foodstuff of unknown origin.

Almost as if he could sense my presence through some squirrel telepathy, he turned tail (literally) and ran.  Our low fidelity squirrel has turned hi-fi as he scurries away towards his cathode ray tube entertainment box.

Squirrel watching TV

Is “Evil Squirrel’s Nest” on yet? Got my TiVo ready . . .


2 thoughts on “Lo-fi squirrel and Hi-fi squirrel

  1. LOL! That’s great! I’m glad I am inspiring more squirrel pictures on the internet! We rodents will take over the world some day!

    BTW, you last picture, and your comment about “turning tail” may be prescient to next Saturday’s offering, as there are a couple pictures of the squirrel I posted that I have not yet shared! Oooh, suspense! 🙂

  2. psquirrel says:

    I know I am looking forward to the next “Saturday Squirrel” – it’s one of my favourite features! Squirrel pictures withheld for dramatic effect are always better! =)

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