The Squirreling Hour

Lately I’ve been trying to capture some candid images of some of my fellow squirrels, but due to other commitments I haven’t been able to get out till after my obligatory squirrel duties are fulfilled for the day.  As a result, I’m usually out squirrel hunting at dusk, and at that point it must be that all the squirrels are asleep or chilling in their nests, because I haven’t seen hardly any!

Contrast that with this morning, and what I am now going to refer to as The Squirreling Hour!  TSH seems to start when the sun comes up, and lasts at least until nine or ten in the morning.  On a new path to work today, I came across more squirrels than I’d ever seen out!  Foraging, frolicking, climbing trees.

Three squirels peek out of a hollow tree

Peekaboo squirrels!

Angered I didn’t have my camera to capture the image, I was most entertained by a triad of squirrels who had brought down a small tree branch right as I went past.  The three were facing each other like they were about to enter into a three-way duel, with the winner earning rights to inhabit the tree.  It was a lame-ass barren fruit tree – I say let them have it!

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