When not using is not enough . . .

For those in recovery, there is a period of time when the joy of being free from whatever you are addicted to is motivation enough to stay clean.  This will last for a certain amount of time, depending on the individual, but it never lasts forever.

That’s where I find myself at the moment.  Fortunately I can look back and realize how many advantages there are to staying clean: no lies, no hiding, no shame!  And of course there are many more advantages – but there comes a point when just not using is not enough.  Therefore, in order to continue my journey, and make sure that I make it another 53 days (and beyond), after avoiding the human catastrophe that is Thanksgiving and the retail mania that follows I will be seeking some kind of professional counseling.

Some may wonder – will it be hard to find a therapist who feels comfortable talking with a squirrel?  To those people, how do you know it is a HUMAN therapist?  There are many fine sciurine therapists who I can pick from.  I think that’s the point I’m at now.  There are so many things that I know the answers to, and so many things I still haven’t figured out yet.  I think some guidance may help me do that.

The struggle continues – I shall be victorious!

P. Squirrel out!

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