Reality check . . .

It’s difficult to remember the reality of that fact that even though one is no longer using does not mean that all your problems disappear and the world is a perfect place.

In other words, just because I’ve stopped using nuts to deal with the stress of my problems, doesn’t mean that those problems that are not nut related are solved, or just go away.  I think people will be angry when they realize that there are so many more issues in life than can be dealt with easily, and that they don’t disappear once you get clean.

On the other hand paw, how thankful am I that on top of all the other problems I don’t have one more looming, weighing me down, and adding to the overall sense of misery?  How much worse would it be to have to deal with life’s issues AND the imbalance and uncertainty that come from sustaining an active nut addiction?  I must remember to be happy for this!

The tail end . . .

The “tail” end . . . bushy tail end!

And on the “tail-end” of things (pun intended!), I have noticed as of late, a pronounced and definite improvement in mental clarity and acuity, which goes to show that the detriments of nut abuse are far reaching and, although easy to dismiss at the time, cause very real changes in a person.  Fortunately, we do recover!

P. Squirrel out!

2 thoughts on “Reality check . . .

  1. viewsfromsue says:

    I so often fail to see the positive changes I’ve made. My squirrely vision tends to gravitate toward my continued ‘flaws’. Very recently, I’m noticing a gradual improvement in realizing my attributes and insight. I’m 53. It can take me awhile! I enjoy your insights.

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