Where does it all come from . . . part 2!

Squirrel looking into camera.

Is this where it all comes from?

As a celebration of 100 posts on The Pensive Squirrel (this is post number one hundred and one, like the dalmatians but cuter), I’ve decided to once again open the curtain and reveal some of the mysteries behind the blogging habits of this squirrel.

Today I will explain my use of punctuation in my post titles.  As a squirrel, most of our movements and activities are visually punctuated with tail twitching and paw stomping, or aurally punctuated with our sharp, squeaky barks.  In written communication we have none of these options, so I use symbolic punctuation in my writing to convey my feelings and emotions.

If a post title has no punctuation at the end, then I didn’t write it myself and it is most likely a re-post of something, like the Just for Today meditations.

Exclamation marks signify excitement.  Multiple marks indicate . . . more excitement!

An ellipse . . . (did you miss it?  here it is —->   . . .   <—–) can mean a lot of different things to me, but if you see it in a title it most likely means I’m thinking about something, or sad about something.  Not always, but sometimes!

So exclamation marks usually mean I’m happy!  While ellipses mean I am sad, or true to my nature . . . pensive.  Question marks lay somewhere outside the boundaries, since I usually just use those if they are grammatically necessary, like when I’m asking a question.  If there’s other punctuation I’ve missed I’ll revisit the topic, but that’s what I’ve got for now.

P. Squirrel out!

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