Trapped in a box . . .

Apart from being a pretty killer song by No Doubt, “trapped in a box” could easily describe the mindset of someone trapped in addiction.  You feel trapped, desperate to get out, but unsure of the way how, or if it even is a possibility to escape.

Trapped in a box!

Trapped in a box!

Fortunately, once you DO escape you can look back on how you felt with a more critical eye.  What feels like an impossibility while you are mired in the thick of addiction has turned to reality with every day clean.

For those who haven’t been there, it’s a horrible feeling I wouldn’t wish on anybody.  But for those who know, the feeling of being unable to control your compulsion to feed your addiction is a terror like no other.  Some will succumb to it and just stop caring – I did many times.

It’s hard to imagine life being any other way once you are trapped in that box – and it’s really hard to see out of it.  The hardest steps really are breaking free of the box (active abuse) to be able to see the harm it’s causing in your life, and how much better you really are without it.


2 thoughts on “Trapped in a box . . .

  1. excellent post brave squirrel. Brave because of climbing out of the box.

  2. psquirrel says:

    Yes – it does not have to remain trapped! =) Thanks!!

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