Nutty squirrel walks the tightrope . . .

Nutty squirrel walks the tightrope . . .

This is the same squirrel that was featured in the safety hazard tangle of wires a couple days ago . . . here’s a close up which features a fine profile of a squirrel on the move!

4 thoughts on “67!

  1. First we have the unsafe utility pole, now we have all these tree branches so close to the wires! If you happen to lose power, you’ll know to blame your power company and not some adventurous squirrel!

  2. psquirrel says:

    It’s an absolute mess with the utilities here. . . having spent a lot of time up there myself I can assure you that there is not near enough trimming done. And a high wind can take out power and services for days! No power means no squirrel blogging! =)

  3. It will probably take a wave of massive outages to make them see the light. I don’t know if you saw this post or not, but I blogged about my power company finally seeing the light (no pun intended) a few months ago…


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