Those who want to recover

“We have seen the program work for any addict who honestly and sincerely wants to stop [using drugs].” – Basic Text, p. 10

How do we know when someone honestly and sincerely wants to stop using drugs? The truth is that we don’t know! Because we cannot read minds or know another’s motives and desires, we simply have to hope for the best.

We may talk to a newcomer at a meeting and think we’ll never see them again, only to find them several years later doing well in their recovery. We may be tempted to give up on someone who keeps relapsing or doesn’t get clean right away, but we must not. No matter how unwilling someone may seem, a simple fact remains-the addict is at a meeting.

We may never know the results of our Twelfth Step work; it is not up to us to gauge the willingness of a newcomer. The message we carry is a part of us. We carry it everywhere and share it freely, leaving the results to a Power greater than ourselves.

Just for Today: I will share my recovery with any addict, anywhere, anytime, and under any circumstances. I will leave the results to my Higher Power.

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4 thoughts on “Those who want to recover

  1. psquirrel says:

    I know it took me uncountable times of relapse before I grabbed firmly hold of recovery.

  2. recovery isn’t always linear. The main thing (in my humble opinion) is just to never under any circumstances give up. If you get thrown off the horse you just climb back up again. Up, up and awaaaay, brave squirrel!
    from your Aussie Aunt.

    • psquirrel says:

      When I have a hard day – like today – comments like these really help. Thank you so so so much! =) PS Australia rocks! . . .if I lived near an airport I would stow away on some landing gear and come visit!

  3. Ha Ha Australia does and has rocks!. I shall be watching air planes for a squirrel peeking out of the landing gear!

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