Squirrel of the evening

A squirrel of the evening . . .

For our 70th squirrel in celebration of 70 nut free days, I found this cool snap of a rarely seen squirrel of the evening.  Around this time of night, most squirrels are holed up safely in their nest, but this squirrel seems to be too interested in the camera.

This picture comes to us courtesy of The Guardian, with an excellent editorial about the grey squirrel and how it shouldn’t be blamed completely for the reduction in the red squirrel population.  Yes red squirrels are cute, but they had plenty of problems long before the grey squirrel came about.  Like blizzards . . .

Cover squirrel

“Easy, breezy, beautiful . . . cover squirrel!”


4 thoughts on “70!

  1. LOL!

    Since there was no Day 69 squirrel, I think that snow-faced red will do just fine in its place. MBRS also says that’s her favorite number…. 😉

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