The old ways don’t work . . .

Sometimes when you’re a squirrel, you get stressed.  Cars try to run you over, other squirrels try to take over your tree; whatever the problem is, stress sucks.

Stressed Squirrel

Road Closed? Whatever!

I used to deal with my stress by eating nuts – and I really thought it seemed to help.  But it really didn’t.

So now I’m trying to find new ways to deal with my stress.  It feels frustrating at first to not have the relief from the nuts to turn to – but it wasn’t really relief at all, but just a temporary hold on the stress, with a guarantee that it would come back redoubled.

It’s nice to have enough perspective to see that the old ways don’t work . . .

2 thoughts on “The old ways don’t work . . .

  1. I heard a goody the other day. “There is no problem so bad that eating a nut won’t make it worse” : )

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