Too cool to wait!

Ok – I promised something sweet for my 90-day celebration, but I was inspired and couldn’t wait so I’ve implemented some improvements here at P. Squirrel central.

Along with some minor tweaks in the appearance of the sidebar, the part I am the most proud of is the new section I have titled “Squirrel Support System”, because that is what everyone who reads and follows is doing.  You are an ethereal, non-physical support system for a sick squirrel who can use all the help they can get!  So as my way of thanking you all, you have been featured in a special section of the menu sidebar below the “Nut-Free Counter”.

I’ve also added a shameless self portrait of myself for everyone to enjoy! =)

P. Squirrel out!

6 thoughts on “Too cool to wait!

  1. Your web page looks great!

  2. I agree! I love the improvements! It’s kind of weird seeing a dog over in the Squirrel Support System gallery though… 😉

    • psquirrel says:

      Thanks ES! =) I’ll agree, dogs are not the typical friend of the squirrel. They usually spend all their energy barking at or chasing us! Those dogs are too cute though – and would never hurt a squirrel! =)

  3. Looking good. Have a blessed nut-free Christmas.

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