*-*-* 90!!! *-*-*

My favourite celebratory beverage . . .

My favourite celebratory beverage . . .

Ninety days has come and gone!  As is my tradition, I’m celebrating with a tasty, festive beverage.  Well, perhaps the beverage itself isn’t so festive, but the way I’m consuming it sure is!

Nothing is impossible for those who are dedicated – it hasn’t been an easy journey and it’s certainly not over yet.

In many ways it feels like not much has changed, but I suppose that can be a good thing.  These 90 nut-free days have given much needed separation from and perspective on the nut-obsessed life.  For anyone who is struggling with overcoming something, 90 days away from it will do a lot of things.  You will miss it, certainly.  But being able to look back without a mental fog and analyse the situation is unbelievably helpful.

I had wanted to write more for today – but sometimes brevity is better.

Thanks to all my supporters, squirrels and otherwise!!


P. Squirrel out!

5 thoughts on “*-*-* 90!!! *-*-*

  1. Allow me to be the first to congratulate you. The oldest told and written stories on our planet feature good triumphing over evil. It seems evil cannot be gotten rid of entirely but it can be arrested “one day at a time” You are tackling the truly big issues.

  2. Allow me to be the second to congratulate you! I raise a glass of water in your honor! Keep on fighting the good fight, my squirrely friend!

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