When no one is watching . . .

It’s amazing what sort of temptations can smack you right in the face, and it always comes especially when you aren’t expecting it.  It just happened to me.  There I was, cleaning out my squirrel nest and found myself face to face with two of the very nuts I have been avoiding religiously.  Sitting right there, with no one else around to tell me what to do or see what I was doing.

Reaching squirrel.

I guess nobody is looking . . .

This put me in the position of making the choice ON MY OWN.  This was a very stressful situation, and my thought process went a little bit like this:

My first impulse was, of course I did not want to eat these nuts.

But on the other hand, there was no one else there to see me, so if I did eat the nuts then no one would know!

But I would know, and I would have to live with a lie again.  Lying to myself and to others hurts me and causes everyone pain.

You don’t have to eat them right now, you could just save them for later.

Oh yeah, great, then my every waking thought will be consumed with waiting till the time when I do finally eat them, and then I’m going to have to get more, and then the cycle continues . . . F__k these nuts!!

One of my favourite quotes about integrity comes from C.S. Lewis, who said “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”  So I guess you could say I have integrity, at least if just for today.  Just goes to show that even after all this time, it’s still not an easy thing.  But I’m proud of myself for making the right decision for myself, especially when no one is watching.

P. Squirrel out!

2 thoughts on “When no one is watching . . .

  1. “F–k these nuts!!!” OMG, that made be bust out laughing!

    You da squirrel! You’re better than those stupid nuts.

  2. psquirrel says:

    LOL! Glad you liked it. =) Thanks for the encouragement!

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