A squirrel of service . . .

Albino squirrel

A helpful, high contrast squirrel!

After having a particularly tough few days, I set off on my morning scurry nice and early today.  The sun was just coming out, and the mist was sitting low in the air.  Other squirrels were out, dining on fence tops and hiding at the tops of their trees before they realized it was just me and went about their business.

As I scurried along and was getting ready to cross the street, I saw another squirrel looking rather disheveled, confused, and cold.  I didn’t feel threatened, but just kept moving along on my way.  The other squirrel approached me, and asked me for directions.  Not just any directions, but directions to the no-cost nut-treatment center and housing facility in our area.

All of a sudden it was like looking an a mirror for an alternate reality – I was staring right in the face of what I would become if I used nuts again.  I was filled with understanding and compassion for this squirrel, and wished I could provide more help, but knowing that he was well on his way to where he was going with my directions made me feel good.

I am always reading about trying to be “of service” – today I actually got to DO IT!  It really was rewarding to be able to give something away to someone else who needed it.  I felt like this:

Knight squirrel

Squirrel in shining armor . . .

That’s all I’ve got for now.  I haven’t been posting as often as I should, so I’m going to try to make an effort to do more regular posts.  Maybe an every other day post?  We’ll see!

P. Squirrel out!


5 thoughts on “A squirrel of service . . .

  1. There are no should s in posting!! Posting is for when a squirrel feel like and has time to post. Don’t let the world put pressure on you brave squirrel!!!! Gorgeous Squirrel in shining armour picture.

    • psquirrel says:

      Thanks! Your comments are always uplifting and encouraging. Glad you liked the “knight squirrel” – I thought it was a particularly well done image! =)

  2. Sir Prance-a-lot needs a trusty steed on his way to the Crusades. Might I suggest a rainbow donkey I know?

  3. […] nice to be able to exercise humility . . . like what happened to me a few months ago, in a previous post.  Here’s a […]

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