Happy Squirrel Day!

Here it is Squirrel Appreciation Day and I almost missed it!

Happy Squirrel Day everyone!  I had to share this awesome baby squirrel picture I found – around where I am now the baby squirrels should be showing up any time; although I can’t have any little squirrels of my own I would love to care for and raise one of these cute little guys… who wouldn’t?  They’re so cute!!!

Little cute baby squirrel

I’m so cute and little!!! Or am I little and cute?

Also pretty stoked to see only 7 days left on my count down to four months of freedom from nuts!  Things aren’t going the best at the moment with just about everything else, but at least I’m keeping that countdown going.

P. Squirrel out.

4 thoughts on “Happy Squirrel Day!

  1. Nutmeg says:

    Sorry I’m a day late, but had to pop over to see your feature for Squirrel Day. He is very cute! Thanks for sharing.

  2. OMG!!!! We call that squeal inducingly cute. Very, very lovely pic.

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