Return of the daily squirrel!

When I retired the daily squirrel, I was feeling overburdened with a lot of different responsibilities.  I also thought I was well enough that I didn’t need the daily reminder and meditation.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

I miss the daily squirrel!  I miss the daily search for a new and entertaining squirrel picture.  In the searching is where the therapy is, not so much in the posting.  I don’t usually just post any old squirrel . . . I post squirrels that I like.  Squirrels that mean something to me, or squirrels that I think are just cute (like the baby squirrels).

Some people might remember my, shall we say, gassy squirrel featured in the post “The Amazing Power of the Squirrel.”  Today’s daily squirrel is the sequel: I haven’t watched the video yet, I want to be able to react after this post.

Here’s the photo of that magnificent squirrel, the one who fears no forest fire!

Squirrel, ice cold

Oh yeahhhhhhhhhh…. That is one cool squirrel.

Now that you’ve seen the daily squirrel, come watch the new advert with me featuring our furry friend, some penguins, and who knows what else!  You can watch it here:


5 thoughts on “Return of the daily squirrel!

  1. psquirrel says:

    Fantastic! Another winner from one of the most noble squirrels out there. @GentleStitches, I saw this and thought of your previous comment on our friend the gassy squirrel. I hope your fire season has been a light one – we have bad fires around where I am too and they are no fun!

  2. Fires are awful alright. I am glad to see the return of the daily squirrel.

  3. Has Al Gore considered this cure for the melting icecaps?

    I am looking forward to the return of the daily squirrels!

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