Silly wet squirrel

Squirrels look really silly looking when they get wet!  Here’s one just climbing out of a pond, or a stream, or some kind of body of water.  The point is, he’s soaked and shaking his little squirrel self dry!  And look at that poor tail – no fluffiness at all!

Wet squirrel

Not nuts about water . . .

Don’t worry – he’ll dry off soon enough. =)

Here’s the actual story about what really happened with this squirrel, and where this picture comes from:

The title kind of says it all – Marooned Grey Squirrel Calls Out 3 Fire Engines and 7 Firemen in UK.

That really is a silly squirrel! =)  But I’m glad he was rescued and made it out safe.

2 thoughts on “Silly wet squirrel

  1. That was a great story! And they say they don’t love their greys across the pond….

  2. psquirrel says:

    I know right! I’ve seen plenty of stories from both sides: those who faithfully feed and love the grey squirrels despite the taboo, and those who want to cook us and eat us in a pie. No squirrel pie for me! =)

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