End of the Week Squirrel

For the end of the week (finally!) here is a crazy squirrel with a coconut on his head.

I think that speaks for itself.

Coconut headed squirrel

Where did everybody go?

And no, coconuts do NOT count as nuts – not even close! =)


3 thoughts on “End of the Week Squirrel

  1. Put a few holes in that, and he’s all ready for Halloween!

    • psquirrel says:

      It did remind me of the pictures I saw around Halloween of hungry squirrels stuck inside little pumpkins. This must be how they rock it in Hawaii if they don’t have pumpkins. =)

  2. Ive got a luvly bunch of coconuts! Here they are standing in a row . Big ones, small ones one as big as yer ‘ead. Singing roll a ball, penny a pitch!! (old fair ground song)

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