120 days and a new arrival!

Greetings fellow squirrels and squirrel lovers!  It is I, Pensive Squirrel, with announcements about the latest goings on with me and this blog.  I’ve been exceptionally busy with other pursuits lately, leaving me very little time to post things.  And when I do get any free time, I’m usually pretty wiped out.

Today’s squirrel of the day is an allusion to a wonderful gift I recently received.  But first, the squirrel – a black squirrel is actually a member of the grey squirrel family, but just has unusually high amount of pigment, making it essentially black.  Apparently it is what is called a “melanistic subgroup.”  They are pretty common in areas of Canada, from what I understand.

Black squirrel with berries

This black squirrel thinks that twigs and berries are very nice. =)

Having seen 120 days of being nut free come and go, it’s an interesting place to be in.  Some may have noticed that the “nut-free counter” has been reset and is now counting it’s way to 5 months, where upon it will display a secret message I have chosen to commemorate the event.  Each day is a little easier, yet the spectre of a tasty nut is always looming.  Fortunately, I have a new squirrel guardian to help me out!

Glovely box

Glovely’s travel carrier to America!

I haven’t had a chance to take my own pictures of my new friend yet, but here is a link to get a little peek.  I have been chosen as the recipient of the “Glovely Squirrel”!  Nothing could make me happier!  I received him a few days ago and have been waiting for a proper write up . . . Well I couldn’t wait any longer!  I’ll have to post more pictures of the Glovely Squirrel in America.  A big thank you to GentleStitches for my wonderful new companion!

Hi Glovely!

Hi, my name is Glovely Squirrel! It’s nice to meet you!


6 thoughts on “120 days and a new arrival!

  1. I am so glad you was like him pensive. He was very excited about going to America and helping kick addiction. May I reblog your post?
    It just might help someone else who is struggling or help someone who loves someone who has a nut problem. No pressure.:)

  2. psquirrel says:

    Of course – feel free to repost! Please help me and Glovely spread the message of recovery. And thank you again for my new friend – he is my recovery companion!

  3. Reblogged this on gentlestitches and commented:
    Gentlystitching up addiction. Unless you live on another planet you will either know or know someone who knows someone battling addiction. If you do live on another planet please give me your address. I would love to travel widely. Meanwhile here is a site for you to check out where addiction is getting a run for it’s money one day at a time. Addiction thrives on secrecy and shame so lets get it out into the light, Addiction hates love so lets all send every addict in the world love and support to break free.

  4. Oh wow!!! That is awesome! 🙂

    I think Glovely should be the new animal spokesman against nuts! Move over McGruff….

    • psquirrel says:

      LOL – McGruff was the coolest, best dressed dog around! Dogs and squirrels probably don’t mix really well though – they’ll have to work separate beats! Now does Glovely have it’s own colouring book? =)

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