Success of the day!

Any day without nuts can be considered a success.  So that’s what I’m going to call today.  A success – one day at a time!

Rocky squirrel

Yeah for me!  …Now where did I leave that moose?

One thing I do wish could improve was this matter of feelings.  I understand I am more in tune with them, instead of simply trying to cover them up.  My problem is that, although I understand that I can’t feel good and happy all the time, I was hoping for at least being happy A LITTLE BIT of the time.  Lately I’ve been fighting off depression – I suppose it could be seasonal?  All I know is I want it to get better.  Sometimes it’s hard being a squirrel.


4 thoughts on “Success of the day!

  1. It would be a good idea to discuss this with a Doctor. Depression can be a biochemical imbalance and treatable. It isn’t any different to getting a broken arm or diabetes examined. No one says “yes my arm is broken but I will put up with it!” LOL.

  2. psquirrel says:

    Your approach to life and problems is inspiring, and the way you view the world and explain things is just so down to earth and common sense. I really appreciate how you can address a sensitive subject in such a practical approach. I really appreciate your input. =)

  3. Some aunts give out underwear and socks for the holidays. Our aunt gives out excellent advice! 🙂

    Hang in there, good buddy!

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