Squirrel of Peace

Here is some morning wisdom I found.  Trying to focus on not stressing out, and relaxing today.

Buddha squirrel

It’s ok – acorns aren’t nuts. =)


3 thoughts on “Squirrel of Peace

  1. HaHa. I love it. Hooray for humor! Nothing sends negativity packing as fast as humor. Negativity and tension are sooo serious. You are not alone though, sometimes life gets me as tense as that cartoon cat hanging by the ceiling by it’s claws!

  2. Dear Mr. Squirrel,

    I’ve had more luck getting what I asked for from this Buddha. Be sure to take advantage of the 2/$13 offer!




  3. psquirrel says:

    Hmmm. . . I admire this guy! But what’s this I see? A Roman numeral date indicating this is from 1981?! I wonder if the offer is still good? I’d better double-down on my buddha just to make sure! LOL. Thanks for sharing!

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