The forest as it should be . . .

This is what I think of when I picture frolicking woodland creatures.  If only everyone were as nice to squirrels as in this picture:

Woodland creatures!

copyright – Josephine Wall



4 thoughts on “The forest as it should be . . .

  1. What an adorable, peaceful, beautiful scene!!! At least until the porcupine jumps on her for his scritches….

  2. Great picture. There are many wonderful people in the world. They just don’t always make a lot of noise! I do believe those butterflies originate from far north Queensland. Obviously flown there to escape the floods.

  3. psquirrel says:

    Very nice thoughts – I’m glad you recognized some butterflies you’re familiar with! Awesome! As far as making lots of noise – sometimes you don’t have to; just being there is enough. That’s one reason why I appreciate ya! (and everyone who reads)

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