Random squirrel fun (spicy squirrel)

Today is a celebration of the squirrel at it’s most bizarre: the squirrel of randomness!  Except it’s not all random – there is a specific link.  For those familiar with Monty Python’s sketch comedy show popular many many years ago on the BBC, links were what connected the otherwise totally disjointed and seemingly associated sketches.  Today’s link is all about the “spicy squirrel”.

So what is a spicy squirrel?  I’m not sure . . . but it sure did pull up some interesting images.  For example, there’s this:

Girl squirrel

This is what happens when squirrels get transmutated into humans.

After that, you might be reaching for your spray bottle of squirrel repellent, hoping that it will fend off whatever the heck that thing was on your picnic table!

Squirrel repellent

Why would you want to repel us squirrels?

Now that the squirrels(?) are gone, we can safely hang up this sign:

Closed squirrel

This squirrel is officially closed for business!

I hope you enjoyed today’s randomness.  Maybe tomorrow will make more sense, but for today this seemed to fit perfectly! =)


2 thoughts on “Random squirrel fun (spicy squirrel)

  1. I can not believe I have not done a Spice Squirrels picture before…. but if I had, someone who hates British pop might break out that Squirrel Repellent….

    • psquirrel says:

      Since a lot of people are looking for pictures of “scary squirrels” (according to my search engine results for this blog) maybe the most popular of the Spice Squirrels would be Scary Spice Squirrel? LOL

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