5 months!

Yesterday marked 5 whole months of being nut free!  I’ve learned a lot through this process, and have absolutely been rewarded for making the choice to stay away from nuts.  There isn’t any doubt that its the right course for me.  Looking back on some of my original postings have helped really reinforce the fact that although I might think there’s something there for me, nuts don’t offer anything beneficial.  Just trouble.  So staying away is the best thing I’ve done.

I really appreciate everyone who has come to follow my adventure so far, and hope that there will be many, many days to come.  Next up, 6 months!!

P. Squirrel out!


2 thoughts on “5 months!

  1. Well done young squirrel to quote an old text “the best is yet to come” and also ” yeah,suffer in your jocks nuts!”

  2. I can’t top Sharon’s quote. Ain’t even going to try! 😀 So I shall extend my continued congratulations on your 5 month milestone, and look forward to half a year nut free!!! w00t w00t!!

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