Punch a shark . . .

“I’ve always wanted to uh.. upper cut a punkass. . .And send him flying onto a table, preferably with a cake or a bowl of punch on it.” – Dane Cook

Wow – that squirrel isn’t messing around.  Not only is he dressed in business casual (tie only), but he’s taking out the king of the deep with a swift upper-cut.  Now THAT is an inspiring squirrel!  Normally I don’t approve of violence, but I know this squirrel must have has a good reason to do what it did!  Just some squirrel silliness on day 10 of being nut free . . . I wanted to post SOMETHING!

Comic credit to DERNWERKS. Copyright 2009.


4 thoughts on “#10

  1. HaHa. Go business S. Perhaps friend of Sandy?

    • psquirrel says:

      Absolutely! A tough, take no crapola kind of squirrel! =) Sandy the Squirrel is quite the icon – what other land animal could build an entire underwater dome that is self-contained?

  2. LOL! This comic looks like it was created by a random word generator! Business Squirrel looks like an up and coming superhero!

    • psquirrel says:

      Business squirrel is all business . . . some of the other ones include him trying to sell insurance. LOL – I think I’ll call him B.S. for short . . . =)

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