The “Happy Squirrel” card, explained . . .

In a previous post of mine, I made reference to the “Happy Squirrel” tarot card in an inadvertent reference to The Simpsons, a show which I used to watch quite religiously as a younger squirrel until the writing became uninspiring (or I grew up, one of the two).  This “golden age” of Simpsons episodes included a great episode in which the whole family goes to a county faire and Lisa gets separated and meets up with a fortune teller.

At this point I’ll mention that I really don’t believe in horoscopes, fortune telling, or tarot card reading.  You often get a recycling of what you think the person wants to be told.  I’ll admit that those people are good at picking up on social and communication cues and using them to interpret “personalized” fortunes, but the whole thing is pretty much for Entertainment Purposes Only, as they say.  Maybe that’s why what happens next is so entertaining to me.

Happy squirrel card

The Happy Squirrel card!!!

The storyboard of the encounter is much better, but the basic synopsis of what happens is this:

Lisa goes in to the tent to get her fortune told.  The gypsy proceeds, and immediately lays down a card with a funky skeleton on it marked “DEATH”.  Lisa freaks!  “The death card??”  The gypsy reassures her: “It’s ok. . . it means change.  It’s not a bad thing.”  So, feeling soothed, Lisa has the gypsy continue.  The next card laid on the table is a smiling squirrel perched on a branch in the sun.  “Awww, that’s cute!” Lisa says.  The gypsy is trippin’ hard and exclaims with shock, “The Happy Squirrel?!?!?”

The scene continues, but that’s the squirrel pertinent part.  I guess I found it hilarious because it exposes how random those tarot cards are in a satirical way – that’s what I liked about the early shows was the element of satire.  And Happy Squirrels! =)


3 thoughts on “The “Happy Squirrel” card, explained . . .

  1. Ha! I can see why that would be funny on a first viewing!

    In once got a tarot reading from an amateur occultist I worked with 15 years ago. Pegged me pretty good, though I never drew the Happy Squirrel card (thank goodness!)

  2. psquirrel says:

    LOL! The Happy Squirrel card used to just be a joke in tarot circles, and recently (from what I’ve learned) they’ve been including the actual card in the deck, still as a joke. But some people still leave it in.

  3. […] any of those cool six of coins, douche of cups, or eleven of wands cards to be had.  Not even a Happy Squirrel card, apparently.  Oh well, I’ll take what I can get… and here’s what the […]

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