Just For Today – Coming out of isolation

SQUIRREL NOTES:  Although I don’t write these posts, but instead re-post from daily NA readings, this one just struck me as being so crucially important and really spoke to me in regards to my diseased thinking and that this is TRULY a disease of isolation.  I sought to isolate and insulate myself from the unpleasantries of my life in the past with the use of nuts, and although I no longer need to do that because my life is really full and wonderful, the old habits and desires remain.  I do feel like I learn something new every day though – this isn’t even the first time I’ve read these words.  But they are truly speaking to me today.  -P. Squirrel

“We find ourselves doing and enjoying things that we never thought we would be doing.” – Basic Text, p. 102

Active addiction kept us isolated for many reasons. In the beginning, we avoided family and friends so they wouldn’t find out we were using. Some of us avoided all nonaddicts, fearing moral backlash and legal repercussions. We belittled people who had “normal” lives with families and hobbies; we called them “uncool,” believing we could never enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Eventually, we even avoided other addicts because we didn’t want to share our drugs. Our lives narrowed, and our concerns were confined to the daily maintenance of our disease.

Today, our lives are much fuller. We enjoy activities with other recovering addicts. We have time for our families. And we’ve discovered many other pursuits that give us pleasure. What a change from the past! We can live life just as fully as the “normal” people we once scorned. Enjoyment has returned to our lives, a gift of recovery.

Just for Today: I can find pleasure in the simple routines of daily living.

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4 thoughts on “Just For Today – Coming out of isolation

  1. It just seems natural for a squirrel to be able to enjoy the simpler things in life! This is one of the life lessons we can all take from our sciurine friends.

    • psquirrel says:

      A squirrel should be happy if it has food and a warm leaf nest for shelter from the storms . . . I need to try to focus on the simple good things in my life, especially when times are hard.

  2. The simple pleasures can often be the most fulfilling. I reckon addiction tells lies to young people and wants to get them alone so they will listen.

    • psquirrel says:

      The path to addiction is paved with lies, especially the ones I’ve told myself. Then one day you no longer need to lie to yourself because the truth is right there in your face and you can’t get away from it – it’s at that moment a choice must be made to change or not . . . Being alone is a big part of addiction – isolation . . . for a lonely squirrel its such a habit to just burrow inside my own little world and want to stay there. But there is no healing alone . . .

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