I’m sorry.


I wanted to just say that I am sorry for all the pain I have caused to my family and friends, and my loving companion squirrel.  I am truly sorry for the difficulties that my addiction has brought into all our lives.  I want to try to make amends in as many ways as I possibly can, and I only can plead for forgiveness and love from everyone, even though I do make mistakes, I don’t make them with the intention of hurting anyone, although I know I do.

I’m sorry.

3 thoughts on “I’m sorry.

  1. Aw, that is a cute card. It makes a difficult task like saying you are sorry a little bit easier. I hope you find the love and forgiveness you seek…

  2. Be kind to yourself brave squirrel and remember we all make mistakes. Most importantly forgive yourself.X

  3. psquirrel says:

    Thanks to you both ES and GS for your continued advice and support. =) I continue to try to remember to forgive myself…

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