Try something new!

Today I’m going to try something new.  That is to say, I’m going to try something old, but in a new way.  I’m going to try to post something original every day, whether it’s a thought, just a picture, the date, an ellipse . . . something!  Yes, the “Just For Today” posts are something that I really like to pass along, when I feel a strong connection to what I’ve read.  But something has been missing – the lack of original squirrel posts!!

Have I been busy?  Yes . . .  But there should be no excuses made, this site is more than just a place to re-post daily meditations; it’s supposed to be an outlet for my own daily meditations, a prompt to get me to think about how I am and where I am at.  And that has been sorely lacking.

So here’s a start!

Fat squirrel

Don’t mind me, just a hungry squirrel here . . .

Thanks to Jason Perlow for the squirrel picture – found by Google search.  Thank you! =)

4 thoughts on “Try something new!

  1. Hooray! I’m looking forward to a return of the daily squirrel!

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