Escaping from the pit of sciurine despair . . .

First, to set the mood for this post.  Off to Google Image search!  Let’s try squirrels and pit and see what we get – surely something fitting the topic of my post today?

Try #1:

Squirrel Pit

I’m not exactly sure what happens here . . . is it a restaurant?

Ok that wasn’t anywhere near what I wanted.  Let’s try again!

Try #2:

Squirrel Pitbull

“I’m a squirrel, I’m a dog, I’m a squirrel, I’m a dog . . .” This poor dog is just dying to start chasing itself! But it’s sooooooo cute in it’s costume!

Ok, we’ve got the squirrel, and we’ve got the Pit, just the wrong kind of pit! (for this post at least).  But I couldn’t resist sharing this picture since it’s so crazy!  I’m pretty sure dogs hate costumes, but this one doesn’t seem to mind.

Pit of dispair

The pit of despair – now we’re getting somewhere!

Ok – we’ve finally hit upon an appropriate graphic for today’s post.  Dealing with pulling yourself up out of the pit of despair.

Even though you may have not been in active addiction for a while, the remnants of what you’ve done during your time “back out” doesn’t just go away but rather they stick around and haunt you.  Especially if they have to do with money – it seems that money makes the world go ’round and this is the case even for us squirrels.  And you would be amazed how much nuts cost on the squirrel black market – it’s enough to put you in debt pretty quick!  So as I work my way out of the pit of debt, I’m trying to not get dragged into the negative emotions of it.  Rather, to look at each step out of the pit as a positive step forward, and progress towards making a life for myself where a trip to the pit is no longer a current state of affairs, but a distant memory.

P. Squirrel

4 thoughts on “Escaping from the pit of sciurine despair . . .

  1. Oh my… the pit of despair!

    The pit bull picture is so absolutely wonderful because as confused as the expression on the dog’s face is, the poor squirrel looks like it’s enjoying itself even less!

    • psquirrel says:

      Maybe the “pit of despair” was slightly dramatic…=)

      I can’t believe I missed that supreme look of annoyance on the squirrel’s face! Much like the look I would probably have if I were strapped to a giant hound . . . like, WTF?!? =) Thanks for the LOL’s ES.

  2. HaHa! That is a really funny pic. I also like the “pic of despair” pic. I don’t think it is dramatic at all and as humans we can all be dragged towards it. I firmly believe connecting with other people is what pulls us back and away from this vortex.

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