I’m okay!!! Just busy…

Hi everyone!  Wanted to check in since I hadn’t posted my daily squirrel for a few days, but fortunately, not due to any nut issues or problems.  Just been a very busy squirrel!  I’ll be posting more when things slow down again, but for now I am lost in my work…  But standing tall and strong, and taking no nuts! =)

Yo! squirrel



4 thoughts on “I’m okay!!! Just busy…

  1. Don’t forget you have the BWO award so you get to post when you are ready. Your squirrel is adorable and seems to be confidently and strongly saying “hi!”

    • psquirrel says:

      Thanks for the reminder about BWO. . . but I don’t want to forget to let everyone out there know I’m still doin’ ok too! Seems like my squirrely message got through perfectly – “Hi” was exactly what I was trying to say. =)

  2. Glad to see you check in, and that all is well!

    I have only one caption for that squirrel picture…. “Yo!”

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