Just For Today – Tolerance

“…ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.” – Tradition Twelve

Sometimes it’s hard to accept others’ character defects. As we recover together, we not only listen to others talk in meetings, we also watch how they walk through their recovery. The more we get to know other members, the more we become aware of how they live their lives. We may form opinions about how they “work their program.” We may find that certain members upset us, or we may even hear ourselves say, “If I worked their program, I would surely use.”

We have found tolerance to be a principle that no only strengthens our own recovery, but also our relationships with individuals who are a source of irritation to us. It becomes easier to accept other members’ frailties when we remember that we ourselves rarely turn over our own character defects until we become painfully aware of them.

Just for Today: I will strive to accept others as they are. I will try not to judge others. I will focus on the principles of love and acceptance.

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2 thoughts on “Just For Today – Tolerance

  1. tolerance is very important and that saying “place principles before personalities” would make a great idea for us all.

  2. psquirrel says:

    That is indeed one of my favourites, and I try to remember to do it every time I begin to think prejudgmentally about someone. I know my personality has a lot left to be desired (although I do try to hope there is more good then bad). =)

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