Persistent squirrel!

Don’t give up!  That’s the best advice I can give to myself or to anyone else who’s trying to accomplish anything, especially something as difficult as escaping from active addiction.  If you slip and fall, get back up and keep going!!!  It doesn’t have to be as dramatic as a relapse, it can just be a triumph over the every-day struggles of life.  A lot of the time, things aren’t as exciting, stimulating, or enchanting as we’d like them to be.  It’s important to remember that just being alive and making it through another day is a blessing in itself.  

We all need to take a minute and appreciate what we truly have, and be thankful for it.  I’m thankful that there are so many cute pictures of squirrels out there for me find, and to share with my fellow squirrelers!  To drive my point home, here’s my squirrel of the day:

Squirrel on a branch

I’m the cutest little squirrel on this entire branch!! =)

4 thoughts on “Persistent squirrel!

  1. Ah yes! I am a huge fan of persistence. It will win out every time. Lovely squirell.

    • psquirrel says:

      It’s all we have is to keep trying, even in the face of failure, don’t give up, and don’t stop trying. That’s what I’m trying to do! =) Thanks for the support, and glad you like the squirrel.

  2. I believe Salvidor Dali once did a painting called “The Persistence of Squirrels”, which featured the cute little rodents melted over tree branches…. oh wait, I am thinking of something else! 😉

    Cute little guy. I’d almost swear he has a touch of koala in him!

    • psquirrel says:

      I’m a big fan of Dali, and believe “The Persistence of Squirrels” is hanging in a private gallery right now! Thanks for the reminder about the truly great artists lurking in everyday life. I seem to recall a few of your works leaning towards the abstract in the past – quite nice! And as for the squirrel, yes I do see the koala! Almost needs some eucalyptus growing around him. =)

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