Squirrels in my pants!

This is a few years old by now, but it’s one of my favourite renderings of cartoon squirrels causing, um, mischief!

What else could you say about squirrels in your pants?

I think this video explains it all:


8 thoughts on “Squirrels in my pants!

  1. This may be the one good thing Nick aired after the 80’s ended!

  2. all I get is a message ” video not available in your country”. LOL! I bet it was very funny!

  3. I clicked on the link but I got a polite message saying they were sorry but the uploader hadn’t made it possible to view in my country.
    Never mind, at least we have both e and snail mail. šŸ™‚

  4. psquirrel says:

    If any one else is blocked by country restrictions, get hold of me with an e-mail address and I can share this one via email. It’s not to be missed! =)

  5. HaHa! I hate missing out on anything! That was hilarious. Thanks. šŸ™‚

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