Zen and the Art of the Squirrel

This is the first post in a while I’ve gotten to actually sit down and put together; work and other circumstances have kept me very busy and/or depressed so I’ve been having a hard time keeping up and motivated to post anything personal.  I have many thoughts, but none seem to make it onto the page and instead stay swirling inside my head.

So to get the ball rolling, I thought I could share some of the artistic squirrel renderings I’ve come across this morning.  Squirrel Art is a pretty broad category: I suppose one could assume we’re talking about art CREATED by squirrels, but that would be more abstract than I’d like to detail here (maybe a neatly stacked bunch of empty seed shells?)  No, what I’ve got here is art created with a squirrel (or squirrels) as the SUBJECT!  So, here we go!

Red Squirrel brushstrokes

Artist: Roger Excoffon

Our first piece is a great rendition of a red squirrel in broad, sweeping brush strokes.  There is an elegant beauty in the minimalist simplicity of the elegant brush strokes, so when you step back and take a long look this piece screams out, “Squirrel!”

Squirrels (also known as The White Squirrel) by William Holbrook Beard - Date unknown

Squirrels (also known as The White Squirrel) by William Holbrook Beard

This is the kind of painting that makes me happy to be a squirrel.  Just look at all the different kinds of squirrels just chillin’ together – nobody is fighting, they are just hanging out in the forest.  I suppose this is more photo-realistic art, though that’s not what it would have been called in the 1800’s.  I’m not really an art student, but I know what I like!  Squirrels!

Ray-traced squirrel

Artist: Roger Excoffon

Our third squirrel reminds me of old ray-tracing video graphics: think TRON . . . not that I saw that, but it’s as close as a comparison as I could come up with.  Basically, you’ve got these bold, bright coloured lines that unify to make an image: in this case, a squirrel!

For more abstract squirrel shapes, go check out The Animalarium: Squirrel Safari!  That’s where I got a couple of my artsy squirrels.

Ok, that’s just about it.  Oh, wait, there’s a last minute entry!  Squirrels in historical pieces of art!

Mona Lisa w/ squirrel

So that’s why she’s smiling . . . squirrel!!

Brazenly borrowed from Squirrels of Wisdom: The Great Squirrel Art Masterpieces, I think this piece speaks for itself.  Who wouldn’t be happy holding a soft, fuzzy squirrel?

P. Squirrel out!


5 thoughts on “Zen and the Art of the Squirrel

  1. what a fun post! My fave was the knitted squirrels at the link you put in.:)

  2. I love these all, but there is something about the brushstroked red squirrel that makes it stand out from all of the others. It just full of fire, power, spunk…. just as I’d imagine a red squirrel would be like! Thanks for sharing these amazing squirrel masterpieces!

    I’ve done a handful of takes on famous works of art before. I should do a post compiling them sometime…

    • psquirrel says:

      I too was rather struck by the simple and elegant beauty of the red squirrel! I would be down to see you do the compilation of your art squirrels . . . I remember a few of them off the top of my head. =)

  3. […] If you just want to see awesome masterpieces of sciurine artwork, click here. […]

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