A rededicated squirrel! (day one)

Hi everyone!  If you’ve been wondering what’s been going on for this squirrel – well, it’s been a lot!  More news will be forthcoming as it develops, but some good things are on the horizon and I’m trying to stay focused on really making something of my life and trying to attain the goals that I so desperately want to achieve, but I’ve always been in my own way for one reason or another.  Whether it’s just bad choices with money, nut abuse, or the connection of the two, there’s always been something dragging me down and it’s usually always been me.

So today I am rededicating my squirrely self to the cause, with a new day count, and a new objective: to focus on life and making myself better instead of hiding from life and complaining about how bad it is.  I’m going to try to cut WAY back on stuff that, although perfectly legal, is habit forming too, like sugar and caffeine.  I’m not quitting my coffee, let us be clear, here!  But just consciously trying to be more healthy can’t be a bad thing!

The goal is to try to flush all the contaminants and bad stuff I’ve been ingesting OUT – It’ll be hard for this squirrel who enjoys sweet and tasty treats as often as possible (especially Krispy Kreme), but along with the stuff I’m going to try to cut down on, I’m going to try to drink more water, get more exercise, and just take better care of myself in general.

Squirrel and Krispy Kremes

Caution: May Be Habit Forming

I’ll let everyone know how it works out!  Although I tried to bring back the daily squirrel one before and faltered, I’m going to give this a shot and make a concerted effort to share something every day.  It always made me feel better to share what is inside – sometimes I felt like I had nothing to share because I felt so empty inside, but I suppose if that happens I can just share that.  Here’s to day one of the rededicated squirrel! =)


4 thoughts on “A rededicated squirrel! (day one)

  1. Best of luck with these changes for the better! I also look forward to reading more from you, and hopefully seeing more daily squirrels! 🙂

  2. Always good to read a post from you and looking forward to more squirrely fun!

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