Just for Today: Over time, not overnight

I really like today’s meditation: it makes me feel better about recovery being a long process that lasts perhaps your whole life.  I’m always in such a hurry to do everything, I need to slow down and be patient with myself.  I’m glad I read this one today. =)

“We found that we do not recovery physically, mentally, or spiritually overnight.” – Basic Text, p. 28

Have you ever approached a recovery celebration with the feeling that you should be further along in your recovery than you are? Maybe you have listened to newcomers sharing in meetings, members with much less clean time, and thought, “But I’m just barely beginning to understand what they’re talking about!”

It’s odd that we should come into recovery thinking that we will feel wonderful right away or no longer have any difficulty handling life’s twists and turns. We expect our physical problems to correct themselves, our thinking to become rational, and a fully developed spiritual life to manifest itself overnight. We forget that we spent years abusing our bodies, numbing our minds, and suppressing our awareness of a Higher Power. We cannot undo the damage in a day. We can, however, apply the next step, go to the next meeting, help the next newcomer. We heal and recover bit by bit-not overnight, but over time.

Just for Today: My body will heal a little, my mind will become a little clearer, and my relationship with my Higher Power will strengthen.

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2 thoughts on “Just for Today: Over time, not overnight

  1. God grant us patience.:)

    • psquirrel says:

      Patience is absolutely what I need to remember . . . I see good things happening, but I want them to happen sooner! However, I’m not as at odds with having to wait for them any more. I feel almost peaceful about it.

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