Just For Today – Up or down

SQUIRREL NOTES:  For so long I’ve been resistant to the idea of my recovery having anything to do with prayer and spirituality, as it’s described in these readings.  Why exactly isn’t clear, but I feel like the resistance isn’t making it easier or better but rather is serving as a hindrance.  It’s step two, after all.  Once I admit I’m powerless, SOMEONE has to be there with sufficient power to help me – so today I am going to choose to stop actively resisting those ideas and just go with it, admitting I don’t have all the answers myself, and maybe I will learn something through the whole experience.  So with these thoughts, on to today’s reading!

“This is our road to spiritual growth. We change every day…This growth is not the result of wishing but of action and prayer.” – Basic Text, p. 37

Our spiritual condition is never static; if it’s not growing, it’s decaying. If we stand still, our spiritual progress will lose its upward momentum. Gradually, our growth will slow, then halt, then reverse itself. Our tolerance will wear thin; our willingness to serve others will wane; our minds will narrow and close. Before long, we’ll be right back where we started: in conflict with everyone and everything around us, unable to bear even ourselves.

Our only option is to actively participate in our program of spiritual growth. We pray, seeking knowledge greater than our own from a Power greater than ourselves. We open our minds and keep them open, becoming teachable and taking advantage of what others have to share with us. We demonstrate our willingness to try new ideas and new ways of doing things, experiencing life in a whole new way. Our spiritual progress picks up speed and momentum, driven by the Higher Power we are coming to understand better each day.

Up or down-it’s one or the other, with very little in between, where spiritual growth is concerned. Recovery is not fueled by wishing and dreaming, we’ve discovered, but by prayer and action.

Just for Today: The only constant in my spiritual condition is change. I cannot rely on yesterday’s program. Today, I seek new spiritual growth through prayer and action.

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3 thoughts on “Just For Today – Up or down

  1. Your opening comments are interesting, because in reading these Just For Today snippets you’ve posted here, I’ve noticed how the idea of a “Higher Power” seems to be somewhat central to the NA recovery program, and while it seems generic enough to encompass most major religions, there are those out there who flat out don’t believe in spiritual beings or Higher Powers…. and I always kinda wondered how an atheist would deal with the program. While I wouldn’t exactly call myself an atheist, I am not one to simply take on faith that there’s a higher power out there, and if I were the one in your shoes, I’m not sure how I’d proceed with the Twelve Steps.

    Sorry for the deep theological discussion, but I really do read these and think about them…. 🙂

    • psquirrel says:

      I like deep discussions! =) Yes, NA’s concept of the “higher power” is generic enough to encompass any beliefs, except in the belief in no higher power at all. I think if you were an atheist, you’d have a really hard time because besides having the attitude of an addict, that you can “handle it all on your own”, you have a disbelief in the spiritual. For myself, I always had a connection to a Higher Power, but I never wanted to ask for help with any of my problems since I thought I could handle them all on my own. I’m only just now trying to break away from that. As for taking it all on faith, I would venture to say that there have been certain circumstances where I’ve felt very protected and there have been things I thought were going to bring me down, even things I may have done and deserved to get in trouble for, and so I do feel like that gives me a sense of real presence and caring. Although I do think it would be cool if there was a big voice from the clouds – it would make things so much easier. But then you have free-will to consider: without it, we’d all be mindless automatons doing exactly what we’re told. With it, we get to CHOOSE what we are going to do… I love that song by Rush, “Free Will”. =)

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