Pacific Coast Squirrel (day fourteen)

Just goes to show there are squirrels everywhere!  Here’s a very tiny-bodied little squirrel, nibbling on a tiny little snack!

Rather than the usual squirrel sounds I was used to, this one almost seemed to purr or “vibrate” when it called out – it was an hilarious squirrel noise!  I wanted to rename it the “vibrasquirrel”.

Tiny Squirrel

The vibra-squirrel!

Here’s a close up of this super-cute squirrel!

Cute little squirrel

I’m a cute little squirrel with glowing eyes . . . who are YOU?

3 thoughts on “Pacific Coast Squirrel (day fourteen)

  1. He is cute, and the eyes are awesome! Vibrasquirrel!

  2. Awww! He is sooo cute!

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