Secret Squirrel (day twenty one)

Secret Squirrel

“Secret Squirrel”

There are very good reasons I don’t use my real name or identity on this blog, and instead prefer to identify myself only with the name “Pensive Squirrel”.  Very few people know that I am not actually a squirrel at all, but have adopted this squirrel persona in order to talk about things that would otherwise be impossible to talk about and bring out in the open.  I don’t want to broadcast my utter failures and horrible mistakes and identify myself to the world as the perpetrator of same!

Likewise, it’s nice to be able to express something positive about my recovery and broadcast it to the world, without having to announce “LOOK AT ME” to everyone around me, or at least if I do, they’re looking at a squirrel instead of a human.  It’s nice to be able to exercise humility . . . like what happened to me a few months ago, in a previous post.  Here’s a sample:

After having a particularly tough few days, I set off on my morning scurry nice and early today.  The sun was just coming out, and the mist was sitting low in the air.  Other squirrels were out, dining on fence tops and hiding at the tops of their trees before they realized it was just me and went about their business.

As I scurried along and was getting ready to cross the street, I saw another squirrel looking rather disheveled, confused, and cold.  I didn’t feel threatened, but just kept moving along on my way.  The other squirrel approached me, and asked me for directions.  Not just any directions, but directions to the no-cost nut-treatment center and housing facility in our area.

No one in my “real life” knew that ever happened, but I was able to share it here because, via the anonymity cloak of the squirrel, it was sharing as opposed to boasting.

Secret Squirrel Award!

Secret Squirrel Award!

3 thoughts on “Secret Squirrel (day twenty one)

  1. PigLove says:

    You go my ‘secret squirrel’ friend. I love you regardless!! XOXO – Bacon

  2. If you gotta have a disguise, there’s nothing cooler than becoming a squirrel!

  3. An excellent choice of alternative persona. I hope the other squirrel you mentioned does well too. 🙂

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