Keep on goin!

Just wanted to let everyone know I’m still around – hanging in there the best I can. =)  I found a lot of support from my previous post, the Just For Today titled “Right Back Up.”  I feel like that describes my journey perfectly – I went from falling down hard and not knowing what the heck I was ever doing, to falling less and less hard and figuring more and more out.  So now I can avoid those bumps in the road that I used to trip over.  It’s a nice thought.

This doesn’t have a thing to do with my post, or my mood, or my situation.  I just think it’s really funny, so here’s my squirrel “picture” for the day…

dice squirrel

Squirrels hate “snake eyes”!


4 thoughts on “Keep on goin!

  1. WOOHOO!!!

    How about a nice game of Yahtzee?

    • psquirrel says:

      Never quite understood Yahtzee, but it seemed SOOOO fun! I think squirrels love dice games, that’s why they needed the button, there was a rash of squirrels attacking gamers in the park! =)

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