Pensive Squirrel Overlooking Prague

Have you ever met someone who has the exact same name as you?

I just found out there are other Pensive Squirrels out there . . . one lives in Prague.

Pensive Squirrel overlooking Prague

Pensive Squirrel overlooking Prague

It’s worth a trip over to the source page for this image to see this picture in full resolution.

Thanks to the photographer for posting this beautiful image online.

-P. Squirrel (of America)


2 thoughts on “Pensive Squirrel Overlooking Prague

  1. Wow! Isn’t the internet amazing? I was in the company of my friends husband when I posted your Glovely Squirrel. He had serious trouble with nuts 20 years ago (I remember it well) but doesn’t go near them now. He said this is unique, “a glove picked up in the city, made into a squirrel, sent to a recipient who was addressing a nut problem in America and posted from a holiday beach town in Australia” I think we are all connected and he does too.:)

  2. There is a comic book store in Chicago called Evil Squirrel Comics that I occasionally get searches for… I wonder if they are aware there is an Evil Squirrel out there actually drawing comics? I’d have never guessed there was another Pensive Squirrel out there, but then again, the internet is a very large place!

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