Silly and Serious – or, Why don’t *I* have the day off?

Greetings squirrel lovers!  Not much going on today, as it’s a government holiday for many.  Unfortunately, this is delaying my new job situation by at least a day so I am going to spend a whole day just waiting for everyone to come back on Tuesday, so I can receive my official job offer.  I am trying to be a patient squirrel but it’s HARD!

So to distract myself I have a silly presentation, and a serious one.  Here’s my silly squirrel:

Miley Squirrel

Miley Squirrel

Either someone is feelin’ the heat, or they’ve been watching too much DVR’d Video Music Awards.  That Miley Cyrus is not a good influence for squirrels!

In my serious presentation, I wanted to highlight these websites: CARE INSTRUCTIONS FOR INFANT SQUIRRELS and  Both these sites provide helpful information for people who might find squirrels abandoned by their parents.  I personally have always wanted to help rehabilitate a squirrel – but I might be too tempted to keep it for a pet!  How could you resist their squirrely cuteness!

Mmm... tasty!

Mmm… tasty!


2 thoughts on “Silly and Serious – or, Why don’t *I* have the day off?

  1. Holidays? It was a holiday? What are those? 😉

    Miley Squirrel is awesome! I don’t think I’ve seen a squirrel with its tongue out before (other than ones I’ve drawn!). And while I’d love to be able to care for a baby squirrel some day, I’m not sure what my cats would think of the idea!

  2. psquirrel says:

    I’m sure cats and squirrels don’t usually mix (unless raised from very young – then MAYBE). As far as holidays – I know *I* was at work . . . I’m sure you were too. Columbus does me no good! LOL. And I agree I’ve never seen a squirrel sticking it’s tongue out before that wasn’t a cartoon – I wonder if they pant like dogs? Thanks for the comments ES! =)

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